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Saturday, November 5
I've moved to

It's another free site. If you register an account you can then subscribe and know when I update. Which probably still won't be very often, but hey, who knows?

Wednesday, March 2
Okay ... fine, Rob, I'll update.

I've moved on from Korea. I miss some of the folks there and some of the folks I knew from there that have also since moved on. But I like it here.

Of course, "here" is Hawaii, so how could I not like it?

The only thing I don't like is work so far. I'm stuck on facilities maintenance until a replacement for me arrives, which could be sometime in April for all I know. This means that once again the military has made me a liar. I told my family I would come home to visit on March 13th and stay through April. However while working facilities, I am not authorized to take leave.

I'm still taking leave as soon as I have a replacement, but I can't forecast when that will be.

I found a nice place to live. Get along with the Jeremys very well (two roommates, both named Jeremy) so far. Bought a new computer which should be here sometime next week. I'm giving the old one to Tina, one of my co-prisoners on facilities.

The house was bought new last year for $465,000 or so. Don't know the square footage but it's not *huge*. Got a small futon to sleep on, a desk for my computer and a dresser, but that's all the furniture. I'm possibly gonna get a TV to put on top of the dresser, or maybe on a small stand that I picked up with the futon, don't kn0w yet. Hooking the Xbox up to the big screen is a bit of a pain in the ass.

Dear lord, Sean Connery shilling for a TV commercial ... guess his career is over ;).

Well I have to go, it is now time to go do the afternoon busy work, cleaning the entryway and lounge area.

Someday I'll have a real job ... but not today.

-- timberwolf
Friday, December 24
Another show come and gone ... "Honk" was fun by all measures, but I was ready for it to be done. The show is designed for 4 men, 4 women and 4 children, but the director wanted to have a large company so he cast a lot of people. I can't even begin to guess the actual number -- never actually counted, but the majority of the cast were 8th-9th grade girls. What a nightmare. I had a headache almost every night from the constant yakking and squealing.

It was still fun, but wow what it took to get where we finished.

Stole a meme from DearLiza's site and here we go:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

And here we go:

"Horza and Lamm, you go that way."

Hehe. Pretty tame -- from the book "Consider Phlebus" by Iain M. Banks - which I need to get back to it's owner. The second closest book:

"Though Zuggtmoy has a relatively light armor class for a major demon, she has a great number of hit points."

Yep that's right ... the second closest book to my PC is one of my two copies of "The Temple of Elemental Evil", the T1-T4 supermodule from D&D.

Merry Christmas and stuff, folks.

-- timberwolf

Monday, October 18
Current Music: "Metal" by NIN (cover of a Gary Numan track)
Current Mood: Euphoria brought on by chemical alteration of normal state (I'm drunk).

Went out to play darts tonight and had a very enjoyable time. We were trying to reschedule a match, but had to reschedule again. Kinda sucks, but I understand what happened. We were to start at 8 and by 730 only had two dudes there. Jay and I both got there by 8 but at that point, Dave had decided to resched again. Can't blame him. Teamed up with Jay in a few Doubles matches, and Ken in one or two. I think I broke even for the night, dinner notwithstanding.

I start bowling again this Friday night and I start intramural basketball tomorrow night.

For now, though, I think I'll drag my drunk ass over to a neighbors house (shut up Rob) and see if she wants to crash at my place again.


Friday, October 15
Yeah so the play tonight blew ass. None of the actors wanted to be there. Bless Dave and Elda White for their kind words and their laughter during the show, but it was the nightmare I expected. Neither of the other two actors were particularly thrilled to be there due to the small crowd (less audience than actors and crew combined).

I got nothing more to say about that.


Wednesday, October 13
Look out ... it's a voice from the past.

Where was I? Oh yeah ...

The trip to Guam was awesome with one little tiny bad part. It rained the whole time. Like *every day* for the whole two weeks. I arrived as a Typhoon was leaving and I was leaving as one passed by. I got delayed a couple of days but still had a blast. John and Mutsuko were gracious hosts as always and the kids were awesome. Trinity is walking and talking now and Jeran will always be Jeran. They have since moved on to Kadena and I haven't finished plans to go visit them but I hope to do so soon (both finish the plans and go visit.)

I bowled in the Area II bowling tournament and recovered well after an awful first day. I averaged 176 the first day but finished with a 203 average for 21 games after averaging 220 and 215 on the second and third days .. to include a 275 game. This put me 5th and qualified me for the 8th Army tournament.

In the 8th Army tournament I bowled very well the first day. I shot 1550 for 7 games, which was a 221 average including a 278 game and a 269 game. Day 2 was more of the same and I finished at 1564 with a 279 game. I was in third after two rounds and averaging 222 for the tournament. I didn't bowl as well on the 3rd day, but I met my goal of finishing with a 200 average and in the top 10. I was 8th with a 216 average. My best finish ever in a tournament of this type.

I'm doing another community theatre show. We were supposed to travel to Germany with it but funding fell through. Probably a good thing, because let's be honest here. The show is trash. We haven't rehearsed enough and two of the three principals are so busy work-wise that rehearsals are sketchy at best. We've gone from a full production to a "staged reading" to hide the lack of polish and to compensate for line issues. The blocking is difficult to recall as well because we've been without the titular character more than we've been with her. I would refuse to go onstage but that would negatively affect the director too badly and it's not his fault that these problems exist. It's his fault they weren't dealt with however.

I did get the assignment to Hawaii though I am still waiting on official confirmation. We'll see what happens on that. Three years in Pearl Harbor ... how will I ever stand it?

I'm still running my D&D game, and it's as brutal as every game I run seems to be. The Temple of Elemental Evil module doesn't translate to 3rd Edition easily and I will have to do a lot of work on it to get it to do so. I'm willing to take the time and effort, though. I've only got four players and I've had seven dead PCs and two dead NPCs ... and they still haven't successfully completed the adventure yet.

Anyway, enough for now. I have excised my "I haven't updated in three/four months" demon.


Tuesday, June 1
It's been a while since I've updated, but I'm not feeling up to catching up tonight. I'm doing well and having fun playing darts, magic, D&D and Settlers of Cataan. I'm looking forward to my vacation -- I'm going to Guam the 15th - 28th of June. I bought my tickets yesterday and pick 'em up today. I also need to get off my ass and get a phone card -- that's top on my priority list right now. I've had a home phone for about two weeks and still haven't called home.

No word on an assignment out of here yet -- I'm still hoping for the Pearl Harbor assignment, but I don't think I got it. It should have filtered down by now ...



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